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Poetry for Life and Other Chronic Conditions:

Short Poems from Long Covid

A. K. Davidson


Signed by the author.


Price: £12.50 including delivery to a UK address.

Publication date: 6 June 2024

Extent: 80 pages

ISBN: 978-1-899587-82-7

Publisher: Straw Hat


Orders placed prior to the book’s publication date of 6 June will be despatched on 4 June.


50% of the recommended retail price will help to fund The Yoga for Life Project’s charitable projects.




Life isn’t for the faint-hearted – nor is living with chronic illness. Grief, acceptance, loneliness, friendship, small joys, healing moments, new perspectives: here are forty-one short poems that offer bite-sized comfort and connection for anyone in need of a tonic.


This book is by Anna Davidson, who attended Yoga for Life classes throughout 2023. The cover design and illustration are by Mandy Norman, who is also a member of the YFL community. Having made a full recovery, Mandy now teaches a new Slow Flow Yoga class on a Monday.


‘Brave, thoughtful, funny at times and almost unbearably poignant at others, and yet always so generous in sharing an experience of chronic illness when people can feel invisible. I think these poems will comfort many readers, and educate still more. I already have a growing list of people I can’t wait to share this book with.’

Sarah Salway, poet & novelist


‘I love how expressive, thoughtful, emotional and emotive [the poems] can be…Anna definitely captures many of my thoughts and feelings living with Long Covid…I could relate immensely.’
Julie Taylor, Living with Long Covid podcast

Poetry for Life and Other Chronic Conditions

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