Research shows that yoga can help give people focus, have clarity, better decision-making skills, be less argumentative, feel more positive and be less stressed. All these attributes are valuable in any work place. At the Yoga for Life Project we want to provide you with the skills to bring the health benefits of yoga into your institution. 


We run accredited training sessions run by specialist yoga teachers and yoga therapists. We can also link you up to specialist training programmes run by other organisations. This means that people in your organisation can become trained yoga professionals and sustain yoga practice in the workplace, making it part of daily life for you and your colleagues. We believe that the more well-trained yoga professionals there are working in the community the better. Together we can help empower the community to take better care of its own health.  

We run Therapeutic Yoga Training for:


Healthcare professionals 

Training tailored to train you to teach yoga to other healthcare professionals providing them with the health-giving benefits of the practice so they can return to the work place with more clarity, positivity and feeling less stressed. The training will also provide specific breathing practises and grounding poses as tools to help support the individual at times of high stress.


We also provide trainings bespoke to the healthcare needs of your patients.


Employees in the workplace  

Training tailored to train you to bring the health-giving benefits of yoga to your fellow employees so they can return to work feeling refreshed, revitalised and less stressed, bringing more focus and positive energy to the rest of the day.


Teachers in schools

Yoga and mindfulness training to enable you to bring the health-giving benefits of yoga to your students and also trainings to provide yoga to your fellow staff - giving a clearer focus, better concentration and positive outlook whilst releasing stress, anxiety and tension.


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The Yoga For Life Project (C.I.C) is a limited company registered in England & Wales, reg no: 12315142 registered office address: 39 Long Acre London WC2E9LG

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