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These are Some of the Bespoke Classes we Can Provide 

Yoga & breathwork for a calmer mind  

To help still the mind and help with stress and anxiety


Uplifting Body and Mind Yoga 

To uplift your spirits and to let go, designed to help with depression


Sleeping Well Yoga 

For a better night’s sleep and for insomnia


Digesting Well Yoga 

To help your digestion and for digestive disorders like Crohn’s & IBS


Healthy head Yoga

For headaches, migraine, shoulder and neck pain


Body positive yoga

Celebrating all sizes


Healthy Heart Yoga

To help promote a healthy heart and for cardiovascular conditions


Healthy Lungs Yoga

To help you breathe fully and to discover the positive power of the breath. This pracitse can help with different progressive lung diseases including emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and asthma 

Soothing Yoga

For chronic pain


Revitalising Healing Yoga

To nourish body and mind for chronic fatigue and autoimmune conditions and recovery from illness


Yoga for peace and calm

To help provide a peaceful transition for the terminally ill and dying


Yoga for Women: Navigating the change of Life

Designed to help women going through the peri menopause and menopause


Autumnal yoga

To maintain flexibility and strength and peace of mind for people in their later years


Body Aligning Yoga

For scoliosis and curvature of the spine


Positive Yoga

For people who have HIV or AIDS


Yoga for Cancer

To help people on their journey with or recovering from cancer


LGBT+ Yoga

For the LGBT+ community who are struggling with their mental health


Yoga for queer women and non-binary people

A safe and inclusive space where you can practice

Yoga for queer men and non- binary people

A safe and inclusive space where you can practice


Finding Space for Young Women

To help young women with mental health issues


Finding Space for Young Men

To help young men with mental health issues


Supporting Back Yoga

For back conditions and lower back pain

Yoga for Parkinson’s


Yoga for Dementia


Yoga for Amputees


We are also happy to create something bespoke to your needs

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