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What We Can Offer 

Working with specialist yoga teachers and yoga therapists who have trained to work with certain health conditions, The Yoga for Life Project creates classes bespoke to specific health conditions where research has shown that yoga can be of benefit. We can either bring these classes to you, where you live or work, respecting the rules around social distancing, creating a bespoke service or you can come and join our group classes online or in some of the London parks.

Sometimes we also work with specialist group councillors/medical professionals to allow the yoga class to also become a support group. Our Caring for Cancer class for example is supported by a specialist oncology nurse.


Here are some of our tailor made classes you might also like to consider, or we can create something which reflects the current needs of you/your patients/staff.


·       yoga to heal stress and anxiety

·       laughter yoga

·       yoga for people with amputations

·       yoga for addiction 

·       Yoga in Palliative Care

·       antenatal Yoga 

·       prenatal Yoga

·       yoga for sleep recovery

·       yoga for gut health

·       yoga for backs

·       yoga for chronic pain

·       yoga to support the heart

·       yoga to support the lungs

·       yoga to build strength

·       yoga for mobility

·       yoga for diabetes

·       yoga for Multiple Sclerosis

·       yoga for the partially sighted

·       yoga for cancer

·       yoga for chronic fatigue 

·       yoga for ME

·       yoga for burn-out 

·       yoga for LGBTQ+ community

·       yoga for the menopause

·       yoga for Global Majority staff/ students

·       yoga for anger management

·       yoga for grief

·       Office break yoga

·       Yoga for PTSD

·       Yoga for pelvic floor

·       Yoga for text neck

·       Yoga for seniors

·       Yoga for flexibility​

For more information and to book a free consultation contact:


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