Revival Teachers


Om, my name is Jnana Dev and I facilitate mindfulness using ancient modalities such as sound, breath work and meditation. Through practices such as Yoga, Pilates, Gong and Reiki I guide with an intuitive philosophical approach with a disciplined and theoretical foundation; revealing that which is already within us all. The all-pervasive, omnipotence. I endeavour to bridge the gap between the gross and subtle intellect leading from the heart space, back to the heart place.


My journey has been very unique and painful. I was raised in foster care and experienced a lot of abuse. My mother was a single parent diagnosed with bipolar disorder and she still struggles with it to this day. I have never been in her care. As a sensitive child this led me to eventually develop an eating disorder and of course the idea that I was never enough or worthy of love. Through the practice of yoga, meditation and psychic development, I started to grow the love from within. Advaita Vedanta a Hindu philosophy has helped me realise that I am more than the narrative of which I had no control of, I set the intent to awaken such awareness in others. Blessings.



With a solid yoga practice since 2011 and desire to work in education, Natalie trained and set up Natty Little Yogis – a yoga practice specialising in yoga for children and teens to address the pressures faced by our young people.


As a 200hr qualified yoga teacher and specialist Children’s and Teen Yoga teacher, fully qualified with the Special Yoga Foundation and the Teen Yoga Foundation, she has been fortunate enough to share Yoga and Mindfulness with children and young people at nurseries, schools and sixth form colleges, as well as local youth and adult community groups.


A parent of two children, Natalie understands the benefits of a yoga and mindfulness practice from an early age; improved concentration and communication, confident self expression and increased physical and mental wellbeing. 


With the current academic and social pressures on our young, it is important to support their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. By promoting inclusion through Yoga, in sport and pastoral care, we can arm them with the tools to become the best they can be. 


Natalie is passionate about sharing yoga in order to reach those pockets of communities who cannot readily access it. 

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Shaka is a yoga teacher, energy healer and tarot reader - alongside being a creative and managing the community wellbeing program for the charity St Margaret's House. She has been practicing Ashtanga yoga for over 13 years and also regularly practices Iyengar yoga too. In 2017 she graduated from SOAS with MA Traditions of Yoga and Meditation (distinction) and teaches yoga philosophy workshops on the Hotpod Yoga Teacher Training Course and now the Revival Yoga Teacher Training Course for young BME people. 


Her yoga classes draw on different approaches/styles to explore the fundamental principles of yoga through posture, breath, relaxation and meditation, Within all of her disciplines and offerings Shaka's core aim is to connect her students and clients to the innate and infinite wisdom of their own being and experiencing the sacred space within and beyond.