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Emily, 33

"I often find it difficult to summon the energy to exercise due to my chronic fatigue syndrome. However, I know that once I step on to the mat in one of Claire's hatha yoga classes, I experience an almost instant boost of energy. It's so encouraging to know that there is something out there that can help me to manage my symptoms". 


James, 30

 “I’ve struggled with social anxiety my whole adult life and have found practising yoga a good way to take an hour out of my day and focus on myself.”


William, 68

“With the onset of osteoporosis and a recent operation on my spine, Yoga has benefitted me physically, maintaining flexibility and I’ve noticed a more relaxed state of mind.”

“Yoga and meditation were an important part of both preparing for my cancer operation and also the following healing and cancer recovery process. The teacher kindly shared some great tools in how to deal with my anxiety and give my mind something else to focus on in difficult and challenging moments throughout my illness.”

Kelly Shaw, 36.

“I’d not done too much yoga, so I was a little nervous that I wouldn’t be able to participate fully. I was really happy to discover that restorative yoga was gentle, slow and very relaxing.  I would recommend to anyone who lives in London as a way of managing stress and feeling connected to your body.”

Patrick Dollard, 49. St Joseph’s Hospice

“The constant pressure of A levels often left me with a desire for relief but also an itch to re energise my body and mind. I find meditative yoga the perfect time to restart and re-orientate as the teacher mindfully attends to each of our ages, bodies and lifestyles.”

Eleanor Butcher, 18.

“Two years ago, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder type 2.

Yoga for me has been life-changing. A therapy that has helped me

keep my mind balanced and calm, but also to accept and embrace my

condition as part of my true self.”

Connie, 35.

“I discovered yoga after being diagnosed with heart disease and prediabetes at the age of 51. Since I’ve been practising, I’ve been able to bring my blood sugar levels back to normal and I’m sure yoga has played a part in this.”

Katie Buchanan, 53

“I spend much of my life separating my mind from my body so that 'my mind can work'. This underpins the way many of us lead our lives - separating the physical from the emotional and psychological. It is a remarkable thing to be 'held in the moment' physically and mentally, to let go of our busy minds and turn to a sense of wholeness. Yoga is both restful and energising. Yoga is both in the moment during a session, and carried forward within.”

Dr Karina Upton GP

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