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Dec 11 - Dec 17















Our Online Classes

Our pricing 

We want to make our classes accessible to everyone. This means, when you pay full price (£8-10) for a class or make an additional donation to our donate page here.. this goes towards paying our highly qualified and specialist teachers and also enables those who can’t afford to pay, to join and experience the mental & physical health benefits of a specialist yoga practice. Pls also see our community projects page for ongoing projects which with funding, and donations, we are able to offer people for free.
First, please consider if you can afford to pay, and if not, we offer the following options:
You would like to pay towards the class, use: – Half price class coupon 
You are unable to pay at present, use Free Price class coupon (email us for coupon codes)

Every week we are putting in new funding applications to support the classes, create new ones and bespoke free classes working with different health clinics in the NHS, charities, hospices and schools. But this is a tough market and not one we can depend on for our sustainability. The future of The Yoga for Life Project does depend on those who can afford it, giving generously so those who can’t, can continue to benefit like themselves from these specialist classes to support their health. And that’s why we are inviting you to donate what you can to give this project which is all about giving back, a vibrant future.
Thank you for your continued support of The Yoga for Life Project!


How to book

1. Choose your class and click 'Book Now' , a calendar comes up – choose the date you want to come on. Click on the time. The class comes up on the right hand side, click next


2. Fill in your name and contact details and details of any health issues. Please read and agree to our health disclaimer to continue. 


3. Add coupon code if you have one – then click on the blue arrow alongside to action the code.  


4. If you don’t have a coupon click 'Book now' and then enter your card details. (You may also set up an account if you haven't already done so, and your details will be saved for next time). 


5. You will now receive a booking confirmation email containing your Zoom link 


6. In your account, you may view your bookings, reschedule or cancel a class, and access your Zoom link(s). Login / account access is located at the top right of the website. 

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