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Our pricing has changed - please read!

Our online classes are £8 - £10 depending on duration, the cost of which pays for a qualified specialist Yoga teacher or Yoga therapist who has undertaken additional training to teach students experiencing a variety of different health conditions. Our teachers are only paid if our students pay for their classes. Any extra The Yoga for Life Project earns goes back into providing free yoga for the people who really can’t afford it and who might need it the most. So please think - when you are paying full price for a class, you are in fact giving another student the opportunity to do a class for free. A student who may be experiencing a long term health condition who really relies on our services.   

Coupons for those on a low income




We know that some people are struggling more than usual at the moment, and don’t feel that they can afford to pay full price for a class, but are in a position to and would like to pay something in appreciation of what the teachers are able to offer them. If this is you, we are offering our classes at a 50% discount. If you e-mail and ask for a code, you will only pay £5 for your class, you can use this code as many time as you want until it runs out at the end of 2020.  




We are still offering free classes for people who really can’t afford to pay anything. It’s really important to us that we are able to offer our classes for free, to support the physical and mental wellbeing of those of you who are unable to pay. We now ask that you e-mail and ask for a code. You can use this code when booking and get your class for free. You can use the code until it runs out at the end of 2020.  

Please donate if you can!

Finally, we have now published the various community projects we are currently developing to bring yoga into the community (including our very exciting teacher training programme run in collaboration with Black Minds Matter to train young BME students to become teachers).

Read about out current projects

By donating through our donate page (end tab on top bar of home page) you can instrumentally help these projects get off the ground and give them new life.

Where your money goes to

This is about together, making a happier healthy community. 

The Yoga for Life Project is a not a conventional yoga studio.


We are a not for profit Community Interest Company run by highly qualified and specialist yoga teachers and yoga therapists trained to work with different health conditions. We are about reaching those who need yoga most and sharing its therapeutic benefits.


This means any money that comes in goes back into our commitment to supporting the community by bringing new, exciting classes to support different health conditions and offer the mental and physical benefits of yoga & mindfulness to a more diverse population and into the NHS. Because we genuinely care about reaching a wider community we are offering a free code to those who can’t afford to pay and a reduced code to those on low income. We also offer all our classes to charities for free.


Every week we are putting in new funding applications to support the classes, create new ones and bespoke free classes working with different health clinics in the NHS, charities, hospices and schools. But this is a tough market and not one we can depend on for our sustainability. The future of The Yoga for Life Project does depend on those who can afford it, giving generously so those who can’t, can continue to benefit like themselves from these specialist classes to support our health. And that’s why we are inviting you to donate what you can to give this project a vibrant future which is all about giving back.


Thank you for your continued support of The Yoga for Life Project!

How to book

1. Choose your class and click 'Book Now' , a calendar comes up – choose the date you want to come on. Click on the time. The class comes up on the right hand side, click next


2. Fill in your name and contact details and details of any health issues. Please read and agree to our health disclaimer to continue. 


3. Add coupon code if you have one – then click on the blue arrow alongside to action the code.  


4. If you don’t have a coupon click 'Book now' and then enter your card details. (You may also set up an account if you haven't already done so, and your details will be saved for next time). 


5. You will now receive a booking confirmation email containing your Zoom link 


6. In your account, you may view your bookings, reschedule or cancel a class, and access your Zoom link(s). Login / account access is located at the top right of the website. 

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The Yoga For Life Project (C.I.C) is a limited company registered in England & Wales, reg no: 12315142 registered office address: 39 Long Acre London WC2E9LG

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Casey Stewart-Smith is a Jing trained Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist specialising in pain and relaxation techniques. The Jing Method™ of Advanced Clinical Massage is a unique outcome based system for addressing chronic musculoskeletal pain through a tried and tested fusion of advanced soft tissue and massage techniques.


She has been working with clients online supporting and empowering them to understand that self healing through connective touch is extremely powerful. Self massage, stretching and breath work bring the mind and body into a potent alliance and can help to ease pain, reduce mental stress and physical discomfort throughout the body whilst creating a feeling of calmness and clarity. 


Sessions can last between 20-60mins and are tailored after in depth consultationto book  of need. To book a 1:1 with Casey, email available times and how long you'd like your session to last. Casey is also working in collaboration with some of our yoga teachers.