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Long Covid & ME/CFS Page

On this page you can find information about our Wellbeing Programme for Long Covid & ME/CFS and resources for people who are suffering from Long Covid/Post Covid-19 Syndrome, ME/CFS and autoimmune conditions. We also added some testimonials from students who are following the programme.

If you are unable to attend class or would like some additional support during the week, recordings of the classes can be bought for £5 in our shop

Background to the Project:

Research shows that mind-body therapies have significantly reduced severity of symptoms for a large percentage of those with post covid syndrome, (Harvard, Mayo Clinic, BMC, Luther College, BMJ, USNIH, UKNHS, NYU, Langone, BVS,HIQA). We set up a free Breathing and Relaxation Class for people with Covid in March 2020 (our founder, Claire, responding to her husband not being able to breath on getting Covid early on in the pandemic). There was such a positive response to the class and as it became clear, many people were suffering beyond the infectious period of having covid, Claire decided to run a Long Covid Wellbeing Programme. This has been running for 4 years now.


In April 2024, we renamed the programme - Wellbeing Programme for Long Covid & ME/CFS so that other people with some common symptoms would be able to benefit from our service. We receive regular referrals from UCLH Post Covid clinic along with other Long Covid clinics & social prescribers in London & nationally. The programme is offered free to patients with Covid/Long Covid/Post Covid-19 Syndrome, ME/CFS and autoimmune conditions. We’re now getting 25+ participants coming to class, and many say it’s the most valued support they are receiving. They describe it as a lifeline, not only in terms of helping them with their symptoms, but also in terms of psychological support from the teacher and peer members they’ve got to know in the group. The students themselves have created a strong support network from the classes which operates also outside the classes.


We have received funding from The Mayor of London’s Stronger Communities Fund, Tower Hamlets East End Fund, London Catalyst & EMDUK enabling us to run 3 free classes a week: Breathing & Deep Relaxation, Yoga for Fatigue & Energy Support, Mindful movement for Rest & Rehab. These classes are run by specialist yoga teachers and a group psychotherapist/occupational therapist so there’s the chance for some supported discussion at the end of the class. We have the support of the Royal Society of Statisticians to help evaluate and document the outcomes of this project.  Unfortunately, securing funding to maintain the longevity of the programme has become increasingly challenging. And so, we ask people to donate to our Just Giving page here to help support this wonderful programme which helps so many people from this isolated community.


We work in collaboration with sister organisation also run classes and activities to support people living with Long Covid. 


Please send an email to if you’d like more information or would like to sign up for the programme.

These sessions will offer


  • Friendly community support with people who understand what it’s like to have  Long Covid, ME & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  • Mobility support to help move muscles and joints that need exercise

  • Mindfulness support for energy and emotional balance to aid recovery

  • Counselling support for mental health.


Class info: 

Breathing & Deep Relaxation with Claire Whalley Tuesdays 12:30-1:30pm GMT


“Learn how to breath fully again, to strengthen respiratory muscles and use the breath to calm the nervous system. The class ends with deep relaxation and then opens into a discussion group.”


Yoga for Fatigue & Energy Support with Leah Barnett Wednesdays 11am-12.15pm GMT


“Through a series of very gentle lying down movements, breath work and restorative yoga techniques, Leah who specialises working with chronic fatigue conditions will help you restore body and mind.”


Mindful Movement for Rehab & Rest with Lelly Aldworth Thursdays 11am-12pm


“Gentle mindful movement, breath work and guided meditation, switch on your rest and digest system relieving stress, anxiety and sleep issues. The class ends opens into a discussion group.”

This is a safe and confidential space for you to share. What is said here stays here. Please be mindful [when sharing] that time is precious and there may be others who want to share [who don't do so regularly]. Always prioritise your energy and feel free to skip this part of the session, joining later for the practice if that serves you better.
Thank you

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