Long Covid Resources

"TYFL’Ps classes have been a really important support for me in slowly recovering from Long Covid. The focus on mindful breathing and movement really helps my nervous system to calm so that my body can begin to heal. Being together with other 'Long Haulers’ also means I feel less strange and alone with this condition." - Amalavajra

"I have been attending the Yoga for Life project Long Covid classes since December 2020, since when my wellbeing has improved greatly. The classes are sensitively tailored to the needs of people with Long Covid in a variety of ways from breath work, to yoga for fatigue and guided conversation. I am unable to work at the moment, and taking part in classes has been a key element in my rehabilitation. Now, four months on, I can’t imagine how I would have made this amount of progress without the support of the Yoga for Life project. Hayley Newman, May 2021." - Hayley

"The classes have been excellent. It has been good to talk in a supportive group. My breathing, energy levels and fatigue have improved." - Jean

"The team at Yoga for Life have all been wonderful at providing support, serenity and a listening ear through their Long Covid programme.  I am very grateful for the work that they have put into it and it has really benefitted me both for my physical health and for my mental health.  They are a caring, gentle group who help people who are suffering to feel heard, and supported, and cared for.  I believe their programme should be able to continue for as long as people need it, because it is a healing, caring place, accessible to all, for people who really need this kind of help." - Judith 

"This trio of classes, which I discovered about 10months into my longcovid journey, were a real turning point for me.  They offered a caring community of supportive teachers and positive fellow long-covid’ers which was desperately needed.  The classes together offer a wonderful set of tools that cover a lot of the issues I’ve been struggling with.  They have helped become more comfortable with breathing, helped to explore ways of calming my nervous system without using breath as the main focus (which has been a barrier for many other relaxation techniques for me given my breathing issues) and given me hope and community.  I love seeing the familiar faces every week.  On weeks where I can’t attend for one reason or another, I notice the difference both in my body and in my mental resilience.  I wish these classes could get long term secure funding because they are such an amazingly critical part of what allowed me to turn a corner.  Its such an amazingly helpful and generous offering from this wonderful Yoga For Life team" - Kate

"It is wonderful to connect virtually with yoga teachers who know a lot about wellness. They lead practices that are stress relieving and help with regulating breathing. The instructors are very kind and gentle in their manner and always ‘invite’ us to do a particular movement or offer ways to adapt it, if you need to do the practice in bed for example. There is also opportunity to connect with other post Covid syndrome sufferers. Knowing that you are not alone is invaluable. I always go away from a session thinking ‘I’ve got a new idea of something I can try!’. For many pcs means loss of earnings, which is why making these sessions free or low cost is crucial. I thoroughly enjoy being in the therapeutic space these sessions provide and am always grateful I have made the time for myself. It always cheers me to see regular faces and have some structure in my day." - Camille 

"The long covid program has been phenomenal for my health and well-being, allowing me to breathe more easily, easing stress, unlocking my body and providing me with a chance to talk to others in the same boat." - Tanya 

"Failure from my GP to refer me after 14 months to any long-term Covid clinics, supposedly officially opened now to patients suffering from this debilitating inflammatory disease, meant that I had to look for other alternatives to support me in those difficult times of mental and physical hardship. 

These online classes offered for free by The Yoga For Life Project tailor-made especially for any one experiencing wide range of various post-symptoms of coronavirus from Fatigue, Breathing Difficulties, Headaches, Brain Fog, Myalgia to Anxiety and Stress have been a godsend and a real help to better manage those and take back control of my health. I will classify them as a basic, but all-around rehabilitation programme targeting both the physical (i.e. the yoga exercise therapy) and the mental (i.e. the added support of a psychologist) well-being of the participants or ‘patients’ here. In short, they give me not only a weekly purpose, but also hope towards a full recovery." - Zara

"Claire,  Andrew and Leah support, kindness and amazing sympathy has been a life saver for me. In a long covid journey with so much hit and miss, I look forward to the two regular yoga classes knowing I am in a safe place where everyone understands. The breathing excercise s have helped me no end and the fatigue class is such a welcome break from the pain and stress of again living with LC. I am so grateful these wonderful caring people are here to help. I really hope they can continue." - Zoe