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Mindful Yoga Series: Workshop 4 Equanimity with Therapeutic Yoga teacher,

Sally Ramsden

Sunday 29th March 11am - 1.30pm

Time: Sunday 29th March 11am - 1.30pm

Location: Yoga Place, Bethnal Green, London E2 9QH

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So how through our yoga can we develop a strong, stable, balanced heart and mind?

Equanimity is an active quality that we can grow and nurture through our practice, a calmness and peace of mind and body that makes it easier to ride the ups and downs in our own and other’s lives.

In this workshop taking us towards Spring, we will practice a carefully crafted slow flow of yoga poses, including more dynamic and restorative postures designed to strengthen inner steadiness, supported by mindful awareness.

Equanimity is the acceptance that one of the few things we can control in life is our own responses to any given situation. Responding creatively from a more spacious place opens things up. It helps us stay connected with ourselves and others through life’s fluctuations in an ever changing world. It means more tranquility and less stress.

Maintaining this kind of equilibrium is the opposite of ‘detachment’ or neutrality. It involves building the muscles of emotional positivity and a clear response coming from a deep, still centre of love.

Contemporary meditation teacher Sharon Salzburg talks of equanimity as “a spacious stillness of mind”.

Come and explore a profound equality of experience, as we practice treating each moment and each person as important amid the changing tides of life.

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