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Rise and Shine Yoga

Get your day off to a good start with a beautiful practise of breathwork to destress, a flow of yoga poses to uplift & meditation to ground. Leave feeling reenergized having harnessed the qualities of inner strength & calm to take into your day.

Suitable for newcomers and all levels.

LGBTQ + Yoga

A call out to all LGBT+ and friends to come together for this beautiful morning practice to celebrate who we are and how we find ourselves especially at this time of greater isolation.

With a focus on breath, movement and meditation find your inner strength and peace to bring a sense of space and wellbeing into your day. At the end of class, we invite you to leave for your day or to stay online: meeting and connecting with others in the community.

Suitable for newcomers and all levels.

Joy Flow Yoga

A joyful flowing class to bring support & positive energy into your day, to allow you to feel uplifted and yet more grounded and centred. Each class introduces an inspiring range of yoga poses, breathwork & meditation. With a sense of inquiry, Claire likes to weave a philosophical or psychological theme into her classes, allowing you time to connect with your inner landscape of peacefulness and perhaps make illuminating self-discoveries. A time to stretch and release, to feel more dynamic and through self-reflection feel more at one with yourself.

Suitable for newcomers and all levels.

Restorative Yoga

A deeply nourishing and calming practise, using the help of props and working through a series of held poses, each with a different therapeutic quality and working with your breath, you will release physical tension & whatever lies underneath to help you feel more grounded, release stress, relax and enable you to have a good night’s sleep. Open to everyone. Particularly beneficial to anyone recovering from an illness, suffering from stress, anxiety & insomnia, or recuperating from a physical injury.

Candle Lit Yoga Nidra/Conscious Sleep

Yoga Nidra is translated as conscious sleep and is a very powerful practise which takes you to your delta sleep brain waves allowing you to enter into a deep state of healing, rest and awakened awareness. 45’ of Yoga Nidra is said to be the equivalent of 4 hours sleep & improves sleep, powers of concentration, alleviates stress & anxiety and in turn creates conditions which enhance the immune function. The teacher will take you through a meditative body scan and visualisations to help calm the nervous system and bring peace & tranquillity into your day & night.

Open to everyone, this class is particularly beneficial to anyone recovering from an illness, suffering from depression, stress, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, chronic fatigue, physical pain, fibromyalgia, hypertension.

Revive and Restore Yoga

A beautiful blend of uplifting yoga, breathwork and meditation finishing with some calming, grounding, restorative poses. With a sense of curiosity, Claire likes to weave a philosophical or psychological theme into her classes, allowing you time to turn your gaze inwards and perhaps make illuminating self-discoveries. A time to connect body & mind, to stretch and release, to feel more purposeful and through self-reflection feel more at one with yourself.

Suitable for newcomers and all levels.

Caring for Cancer Yoga

To empower you to live a life not defined by your diagnosis and for your carers to benefit from some yoga too


Yoga is not a cure for cancer however, it can help you to reconnect with your body, mind and spirit to enable you to feel whole again so that you can let go of physical & mental tension, have better focus, deeper sleep and a sense of inner calm. Through breath work to release stress, a gentle flow of yoga poses & a body scan meditation, Caring for Cancer Yoga aims to help you still your thoughts and give clarity enabling you to gently come to terms with your diagnosis and treatment. The practise aims to ease side effects & symptoms such as fatigue, sleep issues, anxiety, stress, depression, pain and nausea. Post-treatment, yoga can be a gentle way to help you stay physically and mentally healthy, allowing you to be calm & grounded when times feel challenging, enabling you to reconnect with your body however broken it may feel and importantly, to embrace life afresh with positivity and vitality.


The yoga practise can be adapted to your specific needs, ability and energy levels. It is possible to do Caring for Cancer Yoga from a chair, a bed or a mat and is open to everyone of all ages and stages of treatment. We welcome carers & family to join the class as we appreciate you also need support and can benefit from the mental & physical release that yoga can provide.

Community Classes

It is the ambition of The Yoga for Life Project to bring yoga and its proven mental and physical health benefits to a wider community and to those who really need it. And so, we are running a free, weekly community class which is open to all levels and abilities and welcomes beginners. We believe it is possible to do yoga on a mat, on a chair or even on a bed. You don’t need to wear ‘yoga clothing’, just wear clothes that are comfortable and a bit stretchy. We will move through a calming breathing practise into gentle mindful movements to stretch the body and uplift the mind. We will provide tools to help you release stress and anxiety and connect to your inner positivity.

Yoga for Wellbeing

A beautiful practice anytime of the day. Linking movement with breath, flowing through postures to uplift and release. Includes breath work and mindful meditation to ground and invite greater stillness and calm for both body and mind. The practise aims to leave you feeling more relaxed for your evening and weekend.

Suitable for newcomers and all levels.

Yoga for Anxiety

Yoga Therapy for Anxiety classes involving breathing techniques to regulate and soothe the nervous system, mindfulness to bring about awareness of mind and body, physical movements to release tension held in the muscles and tissues and postures to create a sense of safety and security. Yoga Therapy for Anxiety aims to empower individuals to progress toward improved physical and mental well-being.


This chair-based practice involves gentle movements and breathwork that can be done while sitting at your desk, while working from home or just taking some time in the day for a little TLC and self-care.


The class requires no special equipment. Just you, a chair and some comfortable clothing. It is aimed at anyone feeling stress or anxiety, both young and elderly, stay at home parents or frontline key workers. This gentle practice requires no previous yoga experience.

 Yoga for Back Health  

Amy will lead a gentle, therapeutic practice suitable for all levels of experience including beginners and those with general aches and pains (not only in the back.) You will explore passive release poses to release tension, organic movements to gently mobilise and poses to strengthen. Amy's classes provide students with tools for a safe self-practice and fosters an increased body awareness both on and off the mat through an introduction to the anatomy of the spine and understanding of posture, spinal health and how to maintain it.

Suitable for newcomers and all levels. Not suitable for pregnant women in their first trimester. Students are encouraged to take notes if it is helpful.

Yoga for Mobility

This class will make use of various props; such as a wall, a chair (any chair will do), straps and blocks.

If you don't have props at home, do not worry, you can use a book instead of a block and a belt instead of a strap.


Using his background in bodywork and massage, Mathieu will guide you through a series of exercises and poses to create better alignment in the body.  The class will be centred around correct form.  There will be a focus on releasing tension, and creating opening and strength in the shoulders, neck, and back, as well as increasing lung capacity. 

Mindfulness Yoga

Ease your body & unwind your mind while building your resilience with a creative mix of yoga poses & classic mindfulness tools.


Suitable for everyone whether you’re new to yoga or more familiar. A calming yoga session introducing the core principles of mindfulness practice through breath work, bodily movement and simple meditation techniques. This creative approach can deepen your awareness and enjoyment of life, support you to create positive neurological pathways in your body/mind and provide you with practical tools to take off the mat into everyday life.


Bringing mindfulness and yoga together in this way takes us right back to the roots of yoga as a mind training and a preparation for meditation. Includes some standing poses as well as seated, kneeling and a generous amount of lying down. Great for all round wellbeing, boosting the immune system and good sleep.

Suitable for newcomers and all levels.

Breathing Through Covid 19 and Deep Relaxation

Covid 19 has made us much more aware of our breathing and our lungs. This deeply therapeutic practise is aimed at those who are in recovery from Covid 19, people with asthma, people suffering from anxiety and those who would like to work their respiratory muscles and keep their lungs strong. Essentially, it's a practise open to all and we welcome everyone – no previous practise required. You will be taken through a series of breathing exercises to teach you to breath using the full capacity of your diaphragm and to help you find your breath again. There will be some gentle optional movements to also bring some movement back into the body and to allow you to explore the breath in the back as well as the front of your lungs. This will be followed by a body scan which - a deep relaxation technique, allowing you to return to your day with more strength and to help you build day by day towards full recovery.


Many of us are not connected to our breath, and yet, it is the foundation of our life. This is an opportunity to learn more about your breath and how you can keep your lungs healthy. What you learn in this class can become tools for life - easy practises you can explore yourself at home.

Yin and Meditation 

Yin yoga involves holding seated shapes with the body for time exploring the possibility of allowing life to flow through us as it is. Through Yin Yoga and Meditation, we can see the human condition, the mind thinks but we train our minds not to have to attach a story line to the thoughts we have lessoning our capacity to heighten stress, anxiety, excitement, any of the emotions we experience.  Just observing and letting the thoughts pass, as everything does.  We can do this by using the breath as an anchor.  More importantly we acknowledge the way we feel, the trauma we suffer, but see it as it is.

Suitable for newcomers and all levels.

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