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Our Teachers

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Kim’s introduction to yoga began in 2012 when her then workplace started offering Hatha classes. Through health issues and life changes, her yoga practice was the thing she always came back to for grounding, comfort and rebuilding strength. With a growing curiosity and thirst for knowledge, she undertook teacher training and qualified as a Vinyasa Flow instructor in 2018. 

She has been sharing her passion ever since and her classes incorporate physical postures, breathing exercises and philosophy, as well as how to integrate these practices into everyday life. 



Ewa has been practicing yoga for 10 years, in that tim yoga has become an incredibly important part of her life. She can see what a positive influence it has had on her general wellbeing – she feels happier, stronger mentally and physically, more present and calmer. Her wish and goal is to help people access and practice the benefits of yoga and enable them to have such a positive experience as she has had.


While attending a Conference in 'Yoga for Health” the NHS representatives pointed out how a number of certain health conditions have increased (Cardiovascular Diseases, Mental Health Conditions and Diabetes).

Ewa believes Yoga can work as an intervention by giving us a better awareness about our body and mind and thus teach us how to take better care of our body/mind. Yoga has so many benefits and can work as much prevention.



It was during a period of stress in her life that Sally realised the deep and lasting benefits of yoga. Understanding more about how yoga works on the body, mind and nervous system helped her become more connected with her own body and calmed her mind. From there she was inspired to train as a yoga teacher through researching its effectiveness for stress and anxiety relief and for alleviating trauma. Sally trained and qualified as a teacher with Yoga Campus in London after practicing yoga for 25 years.

Having worked for many years with refugees in the Middle East, Sally now works with refugee and migrant organisations as well as frontline staff and managers in stressful situations, providing trauma-informed yoga and stress relief classes for staff, volunteers and/or clients. Sally has delivered yoga to residents in NHS mental health units and also brings her specialist knowledge to yoga studios offering a variety of workshops for the general public.

Sally loves to deliver yoga and mindfulness in community settings, including community centres and in community gardens and parks, reaching a more diverse community and multiplying the benefits of yoga through being outdoors and in nature. She set up an organisation called Natural Connection to pursue this strand of her work.

Specialist trainings include yoga for stress and anxiety relief, restorative yoga and breathing, chair yoga, adjusting people and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, MBSR. She's passionate about making yoga inclusive so that everyone can enjoy its many benefits from those experiencing mental health issues to older people and carers.



Claire has been practising yoga for 30 years and trained as a Yoga Alliance accredited teacher at Yoga Campus. Her classes serve as an inspiration and support for life. With an interest in the therapeutic qualities of yoga, she has done a number of additional accredited trainings including yoga for palliative care, for digestive health, for anxiety, for emotional trauma & eating disorders, for insomnia, for post-natal recovery, the peri menopause and the menopause, working with cancer and Yoga4Health College of Medicine accredited training, teaching yoga in the NHS. She has done over 500 hours of training.

She teaches group yoga and mindfulness classes at one of London’s oldest yoga studios, Yoga Place, community classes in Oxford House in Bethnal Green and in Finsbury Park. Her one-to-one classes work with a range of students with conditions including stress, anxiety, cardiovascular, auto immune, chronic back pain, cancer, palliative care, the menopause to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

Her teaching is based in the hatha yoga tradition but she also incorporates other yoga teachings she has found inspiring into her classes. Her restorative yoga is especially designed to relieve stress and anxiety. The poses go deep and leave the student feeling relaxed and revitalized. She runs intensive therapeutic retreats in this country and abroad. She has trained with world renowned teachers including Jessica Magnin, Sianna Sherman, Rod Stryker, Graham Burns, Suzanne Lahusen, Max Strom, J Brown, Doug Keller, Lisa Kaley Isley, Uma Dunsmore Tuli, Lisa Sanfilippo, Tarik Dervish & Charlotta Martinus. She also has a Teen Yoga teaching qualification.

She is passionate about bringing the mental & physical health benefits of yoga to a wider and more diverse community and supporting the work of the NHS with yoga.



Aggie trained at Yogacampus as a Yoga Alliance accredited yoga teacher. Her style is to tailor her yoga teaching to the specific needs of her students. She looks closely at the person (or people) she has in front of her and fashions her teaching accordingly. She feels very strongly that yoga should be for everyone – no matter how unfit or infirm (or fit, even) they might be, there are poses and sequences that can easily be tailored to suit everyone. 

Aggie has enjoyed bringing a life-enhancing yoga practice to older years – recently she embraced the positive challenge of working with a man post-hip replacement who wanted to prepare for a ski trip. After some dedicated practice and breathwork they got there! One of Aggie’s most regular one-to-one students is an 80-year-old woman who came to her without any yoga experience and has become very proficient. Aggie delights in occasionally taking a photograph of her in a certain pose that she’s managing well and sending it to her after the session.

Aggie is inspired by the teachings of Nikita Akilapa, Clive Fogelman, Liz Lark, Lucy McCarthy and Cindi Lee.



Glynnis Mapp Jacquard is a Hatha yoga & meditation teacher, a registered 200 RYT. She trained in Canggu, Bali with Zuna Yoga. Her practice focuses on breath and movement techniques: including pranayama – breath work, yoga nidra – conscious sleep and breath-led asanas. She is also the founder of Birds of Paradise, a wellness company dedicated to creating multicultural, safe and nurturing moments of mindfulness via well-being focused events that welcome all levels, all bodies and all walks of life. She is passionate about helping those who suffer from anxiety and those who have been diagnosed with bi-polar, post-traumatic stress and other mental disorders. She's inspired by fellow yoga teachers, Rain Maher and Dirish Shaktidas.

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Louise has been a student of yoga for 15 years. It was while living in lndia (2012 - 2016) though, that she felt a really strong connection to yoga and its roots, and developed a regular practice. Louise studied mainly under the guidance of Deepika Mehta. They met after she'd suffered a broken kneecap and torn quadricep tendon in a crash. As yoga had played a huge role in Deepika's own recovery from a rock climbing accident, she was able to give Louise hope and a sense of power in her own healing.  She taught the traditional Ashtanga method, and her love for this method took Louise to Mysore to study with Sharath Jois at KPJAYI (K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute). In 2016, she went on to do her Yoga Teacher Training with Heather Elton in Goa and is certified by Yoga Alliance. Since being back in London Louise has been teaching part time and also assisted Heather Elton with her London Teacher Training Courses in 2016 and 2017. Her vinyasa flow classes draw from Ashtanga techniques. Until January 2020 her full time work was in Interior Design, however her focus has now come back to yoga and its therapeutic benefits.


Louise is part way through specialist training to be able to teach yoga to people with cancer, run by Yoga Campus and certified by Yoga Alliance UK, which will complete in May 2020. This in-depth training from Jude Murray, Richard Harding, and Sue Skelton, is an exploration of how yoga can positively impact the physical effects of cancer and its treatment, and also how to address the energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual components of a cancer diagnosis. The course is extremely inspiring, and Louise feels encouraged, motivated, and determined to use these learnings to help people living with cancer, and also other long-term and life-limiting conditions.


For Louise, yoga is not just about the physical asana practice, but more a way of life and a method to live and interact with the environment, people around you, and yourself, with more compassion, integrity, and awareness. Yoga is a practice of introspection that cultivates a deep mind body connection, and in turn helps us regulate our nervous systems. It’s these aspects of yoga that Louise feels are truly beneficial, especially for people living hectic lives in cities like London!  She is also an advocate for mental health awareness, and believes and has seen how yoga can play a large role in improving mental health and reducing symptoms of stress, anxiety, and even conditions such as PTSD.  


Louise has found yoga and its teachings transformative both on and off the mat and hopes to share this with others.



Sue qualified as a nurse in 1983 and for the last 13 years she has been working as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Oncology and Palliative Care, in the NHS and more latterly Hospice.


Sue has been practicing yoga for over 20 years, teaching for 3.   She continues to work in Community Palliative Care but also works with a small Hampshire Charity for Young Women living with and beyond Cancer.  Sue is passionate about the therapeutic benefits yoga can give to these women both while they are going through their treatment and afterwards too.  She works with them both in class situations and in 1-2-1 sessions, tailoring the practice to their needs, giving a very person centred holistic approach, which complements their conventional treatment.  Sue has also set up classes for older adults, improving their physical and emotional wellbeing, enabling them to live better for longer.


Sue teaches various styles of yoga and is also training to be a Yoga Therapist, she uses the lessons she has learned during this training in her classes to enhance the holistic benefits.  Sue is excited to support The Yoga for Life Project bringing yoga to all areas of the community.

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