11TH - 14TH SEPTEMBER 2020 


Past Retreats and Testimonials 


"The retreat was really helpful in resetting my compass before the dark of winter set in and the craziness of the festive season. It was incredibly beneficial for my body mind and soul to have the time and space to reconnect and not feel atomised and all over the place. I came away feeling less anxious about Christmas, and felt stronger, steady and more at home in myself. As a result I was able to make some changes which were long overdue.


It was great and felt almost as if some sort of magic had been performed but it was simply about allowing myself to reconnect with myself. The yoga retreat created a safe space for this to happen."


"When I was introduced to Claire, it was like the universe had answered my prayers. I was exhausted, not physically, but emotionally; I had lost the ability to regenerate. 


The retreat was like a life line. She created the most gentle and free flowing environment, where there was no pressure to be anything you could not... all we had to do was breathe, something I had not done in a very long time. She reminded me what it was to draw a breath deep into your lungs and feel connected to the earth again. She taught me that we have the ability to draw energy and strength when we need it from the ground where we stand, and that we can let it all flow again. She taught me that I was still alive. Now." 

Nico Kos

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