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Make a manual payment

Unfortunately our normal booking process isn't working at the moment, once you have contacted us above to book, please make payment here:

Our Online Classes

Why we are asking for your donation

This is about together, making a happier healthy community. 

The Yoga for Life Project is a not a conventional yoga studio.


We are a not for profit Community Interest Company run by highly qualified and specialist yoga teachers and yoga therapists.


This means any money that comes in goes back into our commitment to supporting the community by bringing new, exciting classes to support different health conditions and offer the mental and physical benefits of yoga & mindfulness to a more diverse population and into the NHS. And because we genuinely care about reaching a wider community we are not making a formal charge for our classes.


Instead, after inviting you to join your first class for free to work out whether it’s for you, we are looking to you to work out what you feel you can afford and what you would like to pay for your class - what does this class mean to you and your wellbeing - and invite you to make a donation.


Every week we are putting in new funding applications to support the classes but this is a tough market and not one we can depend on for our sustainability. The future of The Yoga for Life Project does depend on those who can afford it, giving generously so those who can’t, can continue to benefit like themselves from these specialist classes to support our health. Thank you for your continued support of The Yoga for Life Project!

How it works

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